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Family Trip Review – Scotland, Page 2
By Diane Maxwell

Sunday morning saw us on our way south to Edinburgh.  Derek plugged in the address of our reserved B&B in Edinburgh's Leith district, the Pillars House, into the GPS and off we went. All four kids slept under their coats while I was sweating and fanning because some teenager kept complaining about being cold. Just wait, their turn will come and see how they like hot flashes.

What to do in Scotland

Edinburgh is putting in a tram system so I swear every street in town is torn up. We finally found the B&B and put our bags, sacks, suitcases, and bodies in one room. It had one single bed, one double bed, and two adult size bunk beds. I beat Alexa this time and called for the single bed. Derek and Lauren got the double with the others getting the bunks. No AC again and we were cautioned to keep an eye on the window as it would rain in. Luckily there was a fan in the room. 

After getting settled we drove to the closest mall, with the Queen's yacht Britannia tied up at the pier, no less. Derek bought some jeans, which I wouldn't let him bring (takes too long to dry when washed) for our night out at the Edinburgh Tattoo.  We headed back to the B&B and cleaned out the van for turn-in the next morning. We figured out the bus route, bought tickets from a streetside booth and headed into town. We toured Holyroodhouse Palace, where the Queen stays when she is in town, then walked the Royal Mile (street) up to the castle and did the tour there. Katelyn tripped for the 4th time while Zack, Alexa, and Derek took bets she would do it again before we got home! We were pooped by time we did all the walking and went home early.

Breakfast was 'full Scottish', meaning haggis, black pudding (blood pudding), grilled tomato, baked beans, bacon, sausage, and egg.  Lauren spille her hot tea on the table but it didn't seem to bother anyone but us. The lady of the house told the kids that she had Harry Potter in a room under the stairs and really had them going on whether he was still there or not. Of course they had to go look. 

Photo Right : Derek walking along Hadrian's Wall

Monday was more of riding the bus, walking, and trying to get through all the crowds. Lunch was off of a street vendor as all the restaurants were full with tourists.  We attended the Edinburgh Tattoo at 9pm and had a great time. It consists of bagpipes and drum bands and lasts about 2 hours right in front of the castle.  The lighting on the castle changes colors and is a great background for the bands.

Tuesday we headed off by train back to London, only taking 4 hours by doing 130 mph. We got a little confused at the London station as we had to change trains a couple of times but we made it back to Gatwick in plenty of time to get to dinner at our last hotel, The Best Western Gatwick Moat House. Katelyn got knocked down by a fast moving man with a big suitcase in the airport/train station.  Don't know who won the bet on her falls but she was not a happy camper on the whole deal.

Luckily I had purchased the , the Edinburgh Tattoo tickets, and the Friends and Family Pass for use with the tube and train before we left the states and I think it helped with our costs.

The airport was packed and our flight was delayed a little but we still managed to make it to Charlotte just a little behind schedule. They all ganged up on me and asked where the next family vacation was going to be? I told them I didn't care but to let me know how it went after they got back!

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