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Mykonos beach bar complete with zebra striped furniture

Capturing the Wonders of Greece, page 2
By Meeta Gajjar Parker
Photography by Francis and Meeta Parker

Mykonos - The wind has kicked up this afternoon and it has become too cold for a swim at the beach. We decide to go there and take pictures. Hopping onto the local bus across from the hotel, we head to Tria Pigadia Square. Approaching a cool bar on the beach, we are surprised to see zebra striped furniture set out on the sand. There are also Arabian style beds with curtains set up on the sand as well.

Working our way inside the bar to the disco, we feel the excitement of watching the college kids jumping around on a platform. The hypnotic drumbeat of the loud music thumps out of the giant floor speakers below them. Watching for a while, we then head over to get some dinner. Finally, we settle for a cafeteria style restaurant with picnic benches.

Our tour has dropped us in the heart of the shopping district. Buildings are all painted white, window shades run in black or blue, and there is a constant theme here. There is a distinct look to the shopping district. The streets are completely paved, wall to wall, in smooth black stone, almost as if it had grown there. Not an inch of dirt or grass appears anywhere. Another thing that sets off the beauty is the pink and purple flowers that seem to grow everywhere. Some of the flowers are growing on vines. It’s almost magical to be walking down these streets, in the heart of Mykonos. There are extra large white pelican birds walking through the streets, which add to the mystic of the isle as well. Some men have cuttings of basil tucked into the top button hole of their shirts, so that they can smell the aroma. Practically chastised at dinner when we ask for some basil and garlic in our pasta, we are reprimanded, “What do you think we are, Italians?” Our conclusion was that Greeks enjoy the aroma of basil, but do not eat it.

Mykonos local sends a message to a pelican

The island of Santorini really captures our hearts. A motorized sail boat takes us around the breathtaking island. Our stop on the island of Nea Kameni allows people in good physical condition to walk up the volcano. Here we view its remains, a few small active sulphur vents, and the surrounding islands.

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