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Family Trip Review – part 1, England (page 2)
By Diane Maxwell

The weather was not bad, not a lot of rain but it was warmer than we thought. We all had jackets and took them with us everywhere, tied around our waists usually. I had a little umbrella that I kept with me and Alexa bought a British Flag umbrella that she used but wouldn't let Katelyn under. Lauren was firmly attached to Duane. Zack and I usually brought up the rear.

Activities for England

We finally managed to figure out which tube (underground) we needed but it could be expensive for 7. We learned later from an attendant that the 2 little girls could travel free but you have to use a special gate for them or have an attendant help them through. 

Eating was not easy for 7 as no one had tables big enough so there were times where we ate side by side. We all laughed that we would eat fish and chips every day but most of those places are take away (as they call it) and since we were in a hotel that wasn't always possible. We did eat Italian, Indian, Thai, British, and later Scottish.  We were surprised that the drinks were cold, with ice, and that the coffee was so strong. The kids drank hot tea and liked it.
We missed Harrods Department Store and the British Museum but maybe next trip. But we did manage to walk across Abbey Road, just before the 40th anniversary of the famous Beatles crossing.

On Saturday we took the tube to Heathrow Airport to pick up our car. We needed to be at the B&B in Bath, England by 1pm per the owner’s instructions. We finally managed to find the spot where the shuttle would take us to our Car Rental. However, we waited almost 45 minutes for the shuttle to arrive not helping with our time table. At the rental office we got a new employee and it took almost 45 minutes for the paperwork, again not helping with our time table. The van had to have seats installed to fit 7 of us so more time lost. Once we got everyone in and all the luggage, it was packed, the little girls sat in the back and had their backpacks between them, thinking maybe that would keep them from hitting each other- wrong!  Duane was the first to drive - my mistake. He drives like a bat out of hell, being used to Seattle traffic (read Atlanta to us Southerners).  We went around the round-abouts like driving at Indy. I was a total wreck by the time we finally found ourselves out of the airport, which took forever, but worse by time we got to Bath. Alexa thought she needed to ride in the front -so I was in the middle of the second row of seats, meaning I would go through the windshield if we crashed!  Needless to say we missed the 1pm deadline for the B&B. We finally arrived around 2:15. Derek had brought along his TomTom GPS and it was a great help.

Photo right - The city of Bath

The city of Bath England was establlished by the Romans
The B&B in Bath, The Henry, was only 2 blocks from downtown and was an apartment. Two bedrooms with 2 baths with a very nice living room and kitchen with a stocked frig for our continental breakfasts. It was below a restaurant so we had lots of ceiling noise and since it was down below we had lots of people looking down into our windows. But a very nice place to stay.
The Roman Baths of Bath, England

We took a comedy walking tour one night, Bizarre Bath with Noel Britten, and the kids loved it. Again 3 little girls stayed right with the guide, one time I saw Lauren hanging on to his coat. He asked her what her name was and she told him so he mentioned her a few times during the comedy tour. It was a silly tour but lots of fun. One of his tricks is to have the whole tour group wave at people in a restaurant and keep waving so the next night we ate at that restaurant and when everyone started to wave we stood up and waved - including Lauren at the window. Later Derek and Duane went to the pub where the tour started and talked to the guide. He thought it was funny and said he recognized Lauren right away.

We spent one afternoon touring the Roman Baths. Again everyone got the audio headphones and headed off on their own. I of course kept circling the rooms looking for the stragglers.

Photo left - A view of the large bath making up the historic Roman Bath's of Bath, England.

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