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Teide - Walking With Volcanoes
By Lucy Corne

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that a 12,000-feet high mountain would be cold. I never even considered the possibility that it could snow in the Canary Islands. I was in fact blinded by the very stereotype I was out to prove wrong – that there’s more to the archipelago that sun-soaked beaches. To be more precise, I was looking for more than the average holidaymaker gets from Tenerife – package deals, an excess of British beers and a sore case of sunburn. And where better to prove this point than Mount Teide, Spain’s highest mountain, tauntingly visible from six of the seven Canary Islands.

Latest Additions:
  Travel Through Germany

Meeta takes you on a road trip through the German country side. Not only does she share here heartfelt memories but she also imparts a few travel lessons any traveler to German might want to make note of.
All articles on Germany have been moved toTraveling IN Germany


Venice - A Love Story
By Tim McDonald

The woman is young, beautiful and Italian, and I wait for her in the open courtyard of the Hotel Europa. Will she arrive before the others awake? Will we be seen? Reported? Punished? Was it just the wine of the previous evening, or is this for real?


By Lisa Drittenbas

It has been said that a photo is worth a thousand words. Lisa proves with her story on Istanbul that eight hundred words can paint for us several pictures.


Stoke on Trent
By Lucy Corne

The first time I visited the Gladstone Pottery Museum in Stoke on Trent I was a giddy seven-year-old on a school trip. A lot has happened since, .... I left the UK almost a decade ago ... It is still expensive ..but suddenly the excellent English ales seemed worth paying for ...The people were friendlier, the food tastier, the history richer and the pubs cosier than I had remembered.


Family Trip Review – part 2, Scotland
By Diane Maxwell

Diane and her family tie up their UK vacation by way of Scotland.


Family Trip Review – part 1, England
By Diane Maxwell
Travel writers often focus on the rewards of travel while glossing over the difficulties. In this story Diane shares her England Family Vacation including all the problems they encounter in their trip. Sharp eyed readers will discover a number of travel tips hidden within the text of this travel article.

Octoberfest, cookies and one big party  

The Festival of the Gods - Oktoberfest
By Lucy Corne
I expected Oktoberfest to be a lot like New Year’s Eve. People talk it up all year, plans are made months in advance, prices rise and crowds descend only to end in the most disappointing party you can remember. Prices in Munich do skyrocket during Oktoberfest and there’s no lack of crowds. But disappointment? Not a bit. - Oktoberfest.

traveling in grrece  

Capturing the Wonders of Greece
By Meeta Gajjar Parker

Stepping foot onto Delos, arriving by boat, our tour guide quickly rounds up his group. There are no hotels or resorts here.  Access is by boat, mostly from Mykonos.  He tells us that it is illegal to give birth or die on this island and that no one stays overnight.

traveling in scotland  

A wee bit of liquid gold: Scotland's "Whisky Trail"
By Tim McDonald

"The Scots lay claim to inventing the game of golf and single malt whisky and they're equally proud of both, and sometimes combine the two." Tim shares his views on Scotland's "Whisky Trail"

 Germany in December, christmas ornament

All articles on Germany have been moved to Traveling IN Germany

By Jerrold VanNocker

It was raining, and cold. “Am I crazy for doing this?” I wondered to myself as I loaded the car’s trunk with our luggage. With in a few hours my wife and I would be boarding an airplane for Munich

traveling in Italy, boats

Roman Holiday
By Meeta Gajjar Parker

It was Thanksgiving Day in 1994. My father Bharat, my husband Frank, and I were eating subs for dinner in the New York airport while everyone ate turkey.

trains in europe

Waking up on the TrenHotel
By Lisa Drittenbas

Lisa shares the joys and tribulations of European Train Travel.

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